The elite way to smoke

Blones are made from Ultra Fine French Hemp and are THC and Tobacco FREE making them the most premium & cleanest smoking experience. They are 100% FSC Certified & sealed with all natural gum acacia. No more rolling, licking, flat wraps or burning your fingers, just stuff it & Get Blone!
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$20-$60 / mo

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10 Count Premium Blunt Wraps

About Us

Why switch to Blones?

Our Wraps are every smokers dream. No more hand rolling with our Pre-Rolled Blunts , Built in tip for optimal usage , bamboo stick included to easily fill and packaged in an Airtight tube guaranteed freshness.

Our Mission

We strive to elevate the timeless ‘Blunt’ by providing a product with an evolutionary design , high quality paper , & a simplified way to enjoying a smooth smoking experience.

Why Get Subscription Box?

If you’re a true smoker , you know you always have to make an extra stop for wraps. Why not have Pre Rolled Blunts delivered strait to your door every month & eliminate that extra trip? On top of that , never run out of Wraps & have fresh ones every time!

What is Blone?

  • Natural Hemp pre rolled Blunt wrap
  • Built in 1 inch tip
  • Slow burning
  • Non tobacco
  • Vegan
  • Fits 1 full gram
  • Comes in an air sealed tight tube for freshness

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